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Elizabeth Dinkel Design Associates, Inc.

High-End Residential Interior Design

Elizabeth Dinkel is recognized by House Beautiful, Elle D├ęcor, Veranda and California Homes & Interiors as one of America’s leading interior designers. With her creative use of color choices and the unexpected mix of modern and antique, she has risen to the top of her field.

As a full service firm specializing in high end residential projects, ultimately the mission of Elizabeth Dinkel Design is to create interiors that are timeless, rich in style and inspire conversation. Often her commissions begin with only a few rooms and evolve into full home designs and renovations. Elizabeth’s clients value her attention to detail, her enthusiastic energy and her deep understanding of their lifestyle and needs.

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Mypacs. Net: radiology teaching files > case 643704   small round cell tumor (desmoplastic) contributed by: children's hospital omaha, radiologist, omaha childrens, creighton university and unmc, nebraska, usa. History: 10-year-old presenting with right flank pain and lethargy images: [small] larger fig. 1: small bowel obstruction fig. 2: liver metastasis in right lobe. Nodule also on surface of right hemidiaphragm. Fig. 3: retroperitoneal masses, peritoneal and hepatic lesion. Right sided hydronephrosis and delayed nephrogram due to due to encasement of ureter near bladder insertion. Fig. 4: pelvic involvement behind the bladder fig. 5: ureteral stent with distal end in the bladder. Note nodularity at site of ureteric insertion. Fig. 6: small round blue cell tumour fig. 7 discussion: intra-abdominal desmoplastic small round cell tumor (dsrct) -(dsrct) is a recently described, rare neoplasm that usually occurs in male adolescents, has a poor prognosis- this aggressive neoplasm exhibits a predominantly intra-abdominal serosal pattern, with frequent pelvic extension, less frequent retroperitoneal involvement, and rare pulmonary and mediastinal spread. Imaging findings: - lobulated peritoneal masses (mean number, 4. 4; range, 1-17) with a mean diameter of 5. 0 cm (range, 2-12 cm). - omental and paravesical tumors. - retroperitoneal masses which are defined and hypoechoic at us. Heterogeneity due to tumor hemorrhage or necrosis is sometimes seen- ascites is seen in approximately one third. -parenchymal and/or serosal hepatic metastases, punctate calcifications, nodular peritoneal thickening, lymphadenopathy, hydronephrosis, and bowel obstruction were less common associated findings. - bulky peritoneal soft-tissue masses without an apparent organ-based primary site are characteristic of intraabdominal desmoplastic small round cell tumor. - although the findings are nonspecific, this diagnosis can be considered in adolescents and young adults with characteristic imaging findings. References: 1. Intra-abdominal desmoplastic small round cell tumor with extensive extra-abdominal involvement. Resnick mb, donovan m. Pediatr pathol lab med. 1995 sep-oct;15(5):797-803. 2. Pickhardt pj, fisher aj, balfe dm, dehner lp, huettner pc. Desmoplastic small round cell tumor of the abdomen: radiologic-histopathologic correlation. cheap generic viagra buy cheap viagra generic viagra online cheap viagra buy viagra online buy cheap viagra http://floridalighttacklecharters.com/thq-secure-canadian-pharmacy-online-cheap-viagra-iq/ viagra for sale buy generic viagra cheap viagra online Radiology. 1999 mar;210(3):633-8. "radiology journal" contributed by:phillip silberberg m. D. , department of radiology, children's hospital, omaha, nebenjamin silberberg comments: no comments posted. Additional details: case number: 643704 last updated: 07-26-2006 anatomy: gastrointestinal (gi)   pathology: neoplasm modality. back to home